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Career Seekers


Your guide to the Creative Industries

Are you 18-24 years old, black, and aspire to build a career in advertising, creative development, or commercial film production?


Do you think you could succeed being immersed in a full-time intensive and professional curriculum having to quickly learn and apply the essential creative concepts and technical craft to make campaigns for clients?


Are you curious, open, positive, collaborative, and empathetic?


If so, then come to one of our monthly orientation sessions so we can get to know you and share what a career in this business could look like for you. You will get an overview of the industry, what kinds of companies are hiring in the region, and how you can get started down a career path.


Don’t let circumstances or lack of experience hold you back. If you truly desire to work in a creative business and can demonstrate your commitment to put in maximum effort, then the William Grose Center can help you situate your life so that you can focus on developing your career.


[Sign Up Now for an orientation] insert regularly scheduled orientation date, time and place, along with a button to immediately add to your calendar] [use a tool to send sms reminders to orientation participants all the way up to the event]


If you have questions that can’t wait until the orientation, then book a call with Winfield Ezell.


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[insert webform with name, phone, email, and optional notes box. Have the ability to book a time on the spot that automatically gets put on their (and Win’s) calendar]

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